How can we assist you

Optimi Digital provides our clients with a range of strategic or innovative knowledge, planning and implementation services. Our primary services are focussed on assisting our clients to identify ways to exploit digital technology and applications for individual and enterprise social and economic growth as well as identifying areas for improvement across  community wide digital infrastructure, utilisation, literacy and participation. We also focus on assisting organisations to leverage innovation, to redesign their services, improving the experience for their customers. 

Smart Industry 


Digital technology and infrastructure is transforming the way business operates. We work hand in hand with individual enterprises, industry clusters and economic regions, to introduce new business models and processes based around the adoption of innovative worlds best practice technologies and applications. The emphasis is on efficiency, productivity and building new capacity. 

Smart Communities


A combination of needs analysis, strategic planning and facilitation of innovative solutions and applications makes up our approach to building Smart Communities. We work closely with Local Government, solution providers, industry and community groups, to identify and implement innovative solutions that build better economic and social amenity.

Connectivity Alternatives

​​After years working in and around the National Broadband Network (NBN), we understand the challenges of this complex project. We are only to aware of its faults and deficiencies. As a result we assist communities and regions to secure alternative next generation telecommunications infrastructure, where the NBN or mobile carriers have failed to deliver. This includes working with property developers to achieve competitive and sophisticated alternatives for Greenfield developments and 'best of breed' fixed wireless, FTTP and mobility solutions for regional communities.

Service Redesign
Optimi Digital has developed a customized approach to service redesign based on Human Centered Design (HCD) principals and the application of a design thinking methodology. Optimi Digital has created a comprehensive set of tools, techniques, activities and exercises to support the application of this approach. Optimi Digital can assemble a customized toolkit to support a customer's Design Sprint and enable knowledge transfer of this capability to an in-house team, for future use.
3D Printing
Rapid Prototyping and Proof of Concept
Optimi Digital has established strong relationships with several tertiary institutions and can assemble intern teams to deliver rapid prototyping of solutions or carry out Proof of Concept projects, to validate ideas. There is a focus on IoT and Smart City projects.
Optimi Digital can also work with internal design and engineering teams to plan and then execute experiments, demonstrations or full scale proof of concept projects, to validate innovation as it emerges.