Regional Mobile Improvement

Optimi has worked with State and Local Governments, Regional Development Organisations and Mobile Network Operator’s (MNO's) in the assessment and prioritisation of regional sites for investment in new mobile coverage.


Optimi's principal, Jim Wyatt, was the architect of the highly successful Regional Mobile Communications Project, undertaken by the Western Australian (WA) Government in partnership with Telstra. Jim also developed the economic and social assessment model that has guided the continued prioritisation of further sites to be funded under the Commonwealth Mobile Black Spots Program.


Optimi Digital has worked closely with Telstra and Optus in advising them on their participation in Commonwealth and State based regional mobile programs and advised the Telstra team that secured a total of 420 out of 499 sites to be funded in the first round of the Commonwealth program.


Optimi Digital has developed a range of material, guides and tools for use by local communities, to help in the assesment and formation of a business case for mobile improvement. These can be found in our online ToolBox.


Optimi Digital also provides assistance in planning digital initatives and strategies to take full advantage of improved mobile coverage once deployed. 


Contact us if you would like to discuss a site audit, business case assessment or would like to develop a utilisation plan for a future site, once deployed.