NBN Alternatives

Optimi Digital has partnered with a number of wholesale telecommunication infrastructure operators, to bring NBN alternative solutions to communities and regions where deployment plans fall short of their expecations. This includes the following:


FTTP instead of FTTN - Whole of community upgrade to Fibre-To-The-Premises

Fixed Wireless instead of Satellite - Whole community upgrade from satellite to fixed wireless


If you would like a no obligation assessment of the upgrade options available to your community contact us. Optimi Digital is now facilitating such projects in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, WA and SA. This includes projects in regional as well as urban areas.


Optimi Digital has a priority focus on assisting Local and State Governmernts to expedite Next Generation FTTP infrastructure into industrial and commercial precincts that have largely been bypassed by the NBN. We can facilitate a low cost, superior FTTP solution to that offered by the NBN, yet remain fully compliant with the Telecommunications Act 1997.