Design Thinking in Action

The Optimi Digital Design Sprint represents Human Centered Design and design thinking in action. It defines the collective set of activities and events that a Design Team should progress through in order to realise an innovation outcome, where service improvement has been identified as a preferred outcome. This may also be the case where there is an identifiable need to improve the user experience due to negative feedback or a fall off in business. There are three primary actions/events during every Sprint. These consist of defining a problem, ideating a solution and proving the solution is feasible and sustainable (Proof of Concept).


Optimi Digital has compiled a customised Toolkit, providing simple yet effective tools, techniques and exercises, to support a Design Team in the conduct of a Design Sprint. This may be implemented in an end to end fashion or in incremental steps, subject to time and resources. It is also possible to join the process at any stage subject to prior activity, which may supplement for specific steps. There will be times when the problem is obvious or a solution has already been proposed.

OD DT Model.png